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Creative Development Overview

If you are specifically looking for design rich and highly usable interfaces with customized animations and immersive user experience, look no further.

Our offered services range from simple and sleek company websites to full-on dynamic 3D applications.

Our creative solutions are only limited by our collective imagination, expertise and cooperation with you as a client.

We have the passion, knowledge and attention to detail to ensure the delivery of seamless and perfectly functional websites in line with your brand and goals.

Services We Offer

  • Artistic and creative web design
  • Standard website design and full-stack development
  • Front-end heavy web development
  • 2D web animation
  • 3D web design and development
  • 3D web animation
  • 3D scanning and model generation
  • Collaboration with design teams
  • Collaboration with back-end development teams

Why Choose qpix web

  1. We are a hybrid techno-creative studio, bridging the gap between designers and developers. By having perfect alignment and cohesion between creative and technical aspects of your project, you will experience:

    • Faster design-to-code prototyping.
    • Seamless design-to-code rendering.
    • Higher quality outcome overall.
    • Faster launch of your project.
    • More cost effective and efficient sprint cycles.
  2. We are dedicated to quality. When it comes to building websites, perfectionism is a must. A catchy design will attract visitors, and a seamless user-experience will keep them longer on your website and increase chances for a revisit, recommendation, and direct sales.

    And our commitment to quality extends beyond producing excellent websites, we also provide you with a quality experience:

    • Constructive and friendly communication. (Do you speakGreen?)
    • Helpfulness and problem solving mindset.
    • Work integrity and transparency.
    • Flexible sprint-based task approach.
    • Top-notch technology and tools.
  3. We have a highly focused approach. Monotasking is a key part of our core philosophy. We do not oversaturate ourselves with projects. Instead, we prefer focusing our attention on fewer projects at a time and getting them done faster and better.

  4. We are flexible and dynamic. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or not to be involved much in the project cycle, we efficiently adapt to your style of work ensuring a smooth workflow.

  5. We work with all budget sizes. Regardless of the size of your project, we will recommend the most suitable solutions to fit your budget and business needs.


Search Engine Marketing Overview

Whether it’s search, display, or remarketing, we have the expertise to deliver results to your business. We take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business, enabling us to develop unique strategies that will align with your Google Ads campaign objectives.

High performing websites and landing pages are a must for the success of any Google Ads campaign. We help design and write copy that resonates with your target audience.

We help lead generation and SaaS businesses grow and be more profitable by generating high quality leads via Google Ads. We can likely help you too.

Services We Offer

  • Google Ads Management
  • Landing Page Optimization

Why Choose qpix web

  1. We (truly) take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business, enabling us to use the right messaging that resonates with your target audience and enabling us to develop unique strategies that will align with your Google Ads campaigns.

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    About qpix web


    We are a digital studio based in Maadi-Cairo, Egypt, working in the field since 2007 offering web design, software development, and search engine marketing services to the local and international markets.

    We are specialized in both creative website development as well as Google Ads marketing services - from concept design to website conversions: our two departments complement each other to provide you with a full digital solution.

    Whether you are starting a new business or have an established one, our dedication to quality, focused approach, and competitive prices, makes us an attractive choice to all.


    • To create outstanding web user-interfaces and creative experiences using cutting-edge technologies and with the highest standards of quality.
    • To pave the way for internet users to imagine new possibilities for their online presence and businesses and be a key part of the web 3.0 revolution.


    To become a globally prominent UI/UX and digital marketing business.


    QPIX WEB LLC was founded by Khaled El Sharawy and Hesham El Sharawy in 2017 under Egyptian law.

    Initially, the technical department, consisting of a small team of developers led by Khaled, was primarily offering full-stack development while outsourcing design tasks to Tandem branding studio. Projects varied from websites to internal systems to mobile applications.

    As of 2022, the technical department transformed into a techno-creative one, aka Creative Development, offering a specialized collection of services that are more design and front-end oriented, with 3D web development being the latest and most prominent service offered.

    In terms of team structure, Khaled now works as a solo creative developer, with the prospect of outsourcing back-end and design tasks when it comes to larger enterprise-scale projects or if requested by customers or colleagues.

    Find us on

    Khaled El Sharawy

    Creative Developer

    I am a web designer, animator and full-stack developer with a Computer Science Bsc. degree and the experience of more than 15 years in the software industry.

    My passion for websites started during university years in 2005 when I learned the importance of design and usability regarding website programming in comparison to back-end systems. I also envisioned a future where the internet industry would boom, and indeed it did.

    Post graduation, my first job was at IBM as a software engineer where I stayed a brief period of 15 months. I then officially started freelancing as a web designer and full-stack developer for 3+ years which ultimately led to forming my first partnership and startup ‘qpix solutions’ with two other associates.

    After an extensive 5+ years of experience of running a small business with a hands-on co-management approach of up to 25 individuals, I eventually branched out and co-founded a new company in 2017 ‘qpix web’ where I continued to work on similar projects for a few years.

    In 2020, I started getting into the 3D world by taking a Unity course which then led me to learn Three.js which in turn opened up an entirely new and exciting paradigm when it comes to creating online experiences.

    In 2022, I decided to relaunch ‘qpix web’ which would be more specialized in UI/UX services and have a new business model that is more aligned with my personal strengths and passions as well as being up-to-date with the ever evolving technology of today’s web 3.0.

    I am Khaled, a Creative Developer, and I love building beautifully crafted web experiences.

    Find me on

    Hesham El Sharawy

    Google Ads Specialist

    I have 11 years of experience managing and scaling digital marketing campaigns for leading European B2B SaaS startups such as PayFit, Spendesk, and Prismic, as well as lead generation businesses in Egypt such as Orascom Development Egypt and Schaduf; setting strategies, providing insights, and continuously optimizing campaigns.

    I ensure businesses obtain targeted online visibility so they can connect to the right users who could potentially gain value from their products or services, thereby generating qualified leads for businesses while simultaneously enhancing user experience online.

    I achieve that by conducting meticulous research on a given industry, applying my expertise in the field, and then neurotically analyzing and optimizing accounts in a unique mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches to help the business grow.

    Find me on

      Feel free to email us at


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